Dynamic XD Waterjet Cutting

We understand that not all cutting needs and production requirements are identical. That's why to
better serve our customers, we utilize our new Flow Mach 4 Dynamic XD Waterjet systems which provide for up to 60 degrees of motion while cutting any material with virtually zero taper. The Waterjets have no heat affected zone and eliminate the need for costly secondary finishing while delivering a lower per part cost.

Waterjet Specifications

  • Cuts any material including steel, alloys, stainless, and carbon
  • Large 6'6" x 13' cutting area
  • 94,000 psi (100 HP) HyperJet intensifier
    pump reduces cutting time by half, thereby
    reducing costs
  • Virtually zero taper (reduced to .001")
  • Narrow kerf and no heat affected zone
  • Eliminates need for costly secondary finishing
  • 3-Dimensional capabilities
  • Software controlled robotic motion system
  • Full 60 degrees of motion and five axis
  • Active Tolerance Control
  • Exceptional quality and speed


Service List

  • Full CAD System Integration
  • Kitting

Additional Services



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