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Chemical Compositions

SAE Bar Composition
     Nonsulfurized Carbon Steel
     Resulferized Carbon Steel
     Rephosphorized & Resulferized
     Carbon Steel
     Standard Alloy Steel
SAE Plate Composition

Mechanical Properties

Case Hardening or Low Carbon Bars
Medium Carbon or Direct Hardening Bars
High Carbon or Direct Hardening Bars
Heat Treated Bars
Stainless Steel


Carbon & Alloy Plate
Sheet Thickness Tolerances
HR Carbon & Alloy Bars
CF Carbon Bars
CF Alloy Bars
Stainless Steel
Sheared Mill Plates


Useful Formulas & Conversions

Cold Finished Bar Machining Allowance
Machinability Ratings for
     Cold Drawn
     Steel Bars
Approximate Hardness Conversion
   Numbers for Steel
Circumference & Areas of Circles/Inches
Cold Rolled Steel Strip Tempers & Edges
Metric System of Measurement
Inches to Millimeters
Millimeters to Inches
Useful Information
Fractions & Decimal Equivalents